Distylium selections

These Distylium hybrids are compact, evergreen, disease- and insect-resistant shrubs for full sun to partial shade. They are heat and drought tolerant, wet soil tolerant, and are an excellent replacement for cherrylaurels, junipers, hollies, Indian hawthorn. Small, reddish maroon flowers add late winter interest. Zones 6b to 9.

All selections are hybrids of D. myricoides × D. racemosum.

Distyliums are members of the witchhazel family and are essentially unknown in American gardens. Our breeding program started in 2006 and the plants in the photographs are now in their 6th growing season. They have withstood some of the highest temperatures on record and withstand drought as well as exceedingly moist soils. PII continues to breed for more compact growth habit, burgundy foliage color, and other ornamental traits. Visitors are seldom able to identify the genus, but quickly fall in love with the unique foliage and growth habit. PII believes gardeners, landscapers, and landscape architects have been waiting for novel broadleaf evergreens to serve as alternatives to the time-honored foundation plantings.
Distylium 'Vintage Jade' PP 23,128

  • Compact, low-spreading growth habit, 2' by 5' after 5 years.
  • Dark green foliage
'Vintage Jade' habit
'Vintage Jade' foliage

 The following plants have been licensed to the Gardener's Confidence collection.  Click on the Gardener's Confidence collection logo below for more information on this brand, including a garden center locator, additional photos, and more.
Distylium Blue Cascade® ('PIIDIST-II') PP 24,409

  • Dense and compact with a cascading, layered habit; 3' high and 4' wide
  • Matt blue-green leaves
Blue Cascade(R) habit
Blue Cascade(R) foliage
Distylium Emerald Heights® ('PIIDIST-I') PPAF

  • Dense and compact with an upright habit; 5' by 5'
  • Dark green, glossy foliage
Emerald Heights(R) habit
'Vintage Jade' and Emerald Heights(R) habits
Blue Cascade(R) and Emerald Heights(R) foliage